Thursday, 25 July 2013

Interviewing staff - that sounds rather posh doesn't it!

I interviewed 4 candidates for a job as a groom today. This was the first time I have done every stage of the process on my own - from drawing up the job specification, creating the advert, shortlisting from 7 applicants down to 4, taking up references, doing the interviews and supervising the practical tests and eventually making the final decision. It was all down to me! Gulp!

Candidate #1 – She looked really good on paper with qualifications from the British Horse Society. She also interviewed well but was rather disappointing in some of the practical tasks, especially anything to do with the two horseboxes. She rather under-sold herself on the salary she was expecting which made her sound a bit desperate to get the job. Her references were easily the best of the four candidates.

Candidate #2 – He didn’t have any formal qualifications but as an older candidate had loads of experience in similar jobs. He has been a Head Groom at least twice and so I was a bit surprised that he applied for this job. He expected quite a bit more money than I had expected to have to pay and it would have been rather close to what we already pay the Head Groom. Easily the best of the four on the practical tasks, basically he was perfect. His references were OK but nothing very special.

Candidate #3 – She had an ABRS certificate and was fine on the practical tasks but she came across as rather aggressive in the interview and she made it seem to me as if following my instructions was going to be a daily “issue”. Her references made her seem like a really good member of a team so perhaps it was just nerves making her seem difficult. I do know of her family although I don’t remember meeting her before.

Candidate #4 – Very keen and fine on the practical side as she has been riding for several years but there was very little theory to back this up and it worried me what she would do in an emergency. But she was a really pleasant and seemed like somebody who could be trained up though day-release. No references because she hadn’t had a paid job other than in one livery stable that closed down. Her suggested salary was exactly what I thought I would have to pay.
Who do think got the job and why?

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