Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Catholics and the "sisterhood"

I count myself as a feminist, and am also a Catholic, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to be both.

I sat through a very Christian wedding (much more overtly Christian than I have ever been to before) yesterday, where there were a LOT of references to the bible passage that talks about women submitting to their husbands but men only having to love their wives. I found myself wanting to tell the minister to fuck off, which is hardly a Christian thing to want to do. The man is the head of the household - fuck off. If a man loves his wife and only wants to do the best for her what wife wouldn't submit? - fuck off. Hearing "obey" in the vows - fuck off. Having children is God's will - fuck off. The bride being "given away" by her father - fuck off.

I appreciate that this particular wedding is not typical of Christianity as a whole, and my friend has actively chosen to have this type of ceremony (she was always very sensible back when we were at uni, but "found God" a couple of years ago and I hadn't realised quite how much she's bought into it).

How do other Christian feminists reconcile both viewpoints, or do you find yourself picking and choosing which bits to take from each?

Reference to the source article.

OK first of all I have to say that I'm not a Catholic and indeed I'm not even that religious but I do find it strange that the poster can say they are a Catholic but then say that disagree that "Having children is God's will". If that is what the Pope and/or Catholic dogma says and you disagree how can you still be a Catholic?

I don't think that feminism and much of organised religion are ever going to be on the same page. Look at the whole sorry story of trying to get women bishops in the Church of England or the Magdalene Laundries debate that shows exactly what the Catholic Church in Ireland thinks and thought about women!

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