Sunday, 21 July 2013

Life down on the farm.

I don't think I have ever heard the word feminism spoken in my rural backwater. We seem to be stuck in the Middle Ages with little potential for change. Virtually all the money and assets (very much not the same thing BTW in farming) are controlled by men with zero interest in giving up male control.

I am the only girl in my immediate friendship group who will inherit the family farm! All around me its going to be an older brother or a younger brother who will gain control of the farm. All my friends will get will be a few, sometimes a very few, tens of thousands of pounds in cash while the sons will inherit hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds of assets.

How much publicity does this injustice receive? Almost none!

Another problem is the extreme isolation of many girls in rural areas. If I'm working on Home Farm the only ladies I will see in a day will be my Mother, my younger sister and the two grooms. Once a month when I'm off seeing the tenant farmers it is slightly better because it is the Farmers' Wives that usually do the paperwork. The sons usually go the Fathers to market once a week, the daughters seldom if ever go.

How can the feminist movement move forward against this background?

I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for seven months. But a few days ago was the first time I had been invited to travel over the 30 odd miles to their small-holding.

His Mother had suggested that we might go out for a (horse) ride in the afternoon which was fine with me. So at the correct time +/- 5 minutes I drove up and parked in the yard. His Mother came out and the visit went fine for the first 30 seconds, right up to the time when I mentioned that my horsebox, complete with John Boy (my horse), were just a couple of minutes behind me.

It now seems that bringing my own horse was bad but getting somebody else to bring him over for me was “pretentious” and so doubly bad. Honestly it had never occurred to me that it would be a problem.

Any suggestions as to what I might do to get back into favour?

It is all quite simple. I like reading some blogs and want to come back to them each time there is an update. On the other hand some bloggers write about things that don't interest me - like fashion (well what do you expect, I'm a farmers daughter and farmers don't do fashion!) - but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything to learn from what you write and how you present your work. I would like to showcase the blogs I like and explain what it is about them that makes me want to follow them.

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