Friday, 26 July 2013

Interviewing staff - the results

I gave the job to #2 but also gave the Head Groom a pay rise (an extra £20 per week) because she would now have a larger team to manage. #2 had the experience but I do agree he might not stay long which would mean starting again!

If #2 had turned it down I would have offered the job to #4 with the idea of sending her on a 1 day a week day-release course. I think she would have stayed here long-term which was a big plus point.

#1 didn’t seem able to do parts of the job and although her references were very good people  were very careful not to mention her skills in anything to do with driving. Just too many question marks for me to risk it.

#3: I don’t want to work with an aggressive person or one who seemed like a grumbler. Easy to hire, tough to fire!  

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